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You Don’t Have to Be Right, You Just Have to Care

In a recent study, Dr. Shiri Cohen and her colleagues looked at empathy in 156 heterosexual couples in committed relationships. The researchers wanted to know what would be more important to relationship satisfaction: empathic accuracy (each person’s ability to correctly identify the other’s emotion) or perceived empathic effort (each person’s perception that the other person is trying to understand). The couples were videotaped in the lab while discussing a recent upsetting event. The researchers found that perceived empathic effort was more strongly linked to relationship satisfaction than empathic accuracy. .Article - Correct or Care
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Tips to Improve Your Relationship

When couples come to see me for therapy, it can feel like two porcupines trying to mate. I can see the strong caring partners have for each other, but also how they inadvertently hurt each other as they’re trying to protect themselves from being hurt. If you struggle this way, you may question yourself or the relationship. You may wonder why your attempts to address the issues lead to the same outcome. Article - Tips to Improve your Relationshp
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