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Information Regarding Group Therapy

This information sheet is intended for people who are about to begin Group Therapy, or who are considering it as a possible treatment. It is useful when starting Group therapy to have some general ideas about how groups help people and hot get the most out of the experience. Group therapy is different from individual therapy because many of the helpful events take place between the members and not just between the leader and the members. That is one reason why it is important that all of the members have a general introduction before beginning. Please read this material carefully and feel free to discuss any part of it with your group leader. The issues raised in this handout are also useful to talk about during the first few sessions in the group. Information Regarding Group Therapy
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How Does Group Therapy Work?

Often, interpersonal difficulties occur because of misunderstandings and misperceptions. Being able to comment on events as they occur to provide current feedback as well as clarification encourages interpersonal communication that is assertive and emotionally intimate. Each of Dr. Yalom’s interventions keeps the group focused on the immediacy of the interactions between members. .Article - How Does Group Therapy Work
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Myths about Group Therapy

I’m passionate about group therapy and its positive impact on those wanting to feel better about themselves and their relationships. However, people are often reluctant to consider it, despite its effectiveness and lower cost than individual therapy. Here are some of the more common concerns and myths about group therapy. Article - Myths about Group
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