Improve Your Relationships With Group Therapy

Do you feel that you've lost yourself in your relationship?

Are you feeling lonely, angry, or misunderstood by others?

Group therapy can help.

The Improving Relationships Group can help if you . . .

  • have difficulty saying "no"
  • find others are often hurt by your honest feedback
  • avoid conflict
  • have difficulty establishing or maintaining relationships
  • have difficulties at work because of relationships with authority figures
  • repeat patterns in current relationships that are connected to childhood experiences
  • make poor relationship choices
  • have a hard time trusting or getting close to others

Learn more about how good relationships work.

Group therapy, Lower Mainland, BCExperience the power of realizing you're not alone in your struggles. Learn to feel understood and supported by others. Learn to give and receive helpful feedback in a safe environment. Begin to understand how you "do relationships" and how you can make improvements that last. Feel encouraged to take the risk to make the change you've been hoping for.  

Is group therapy for me?

This group:
  • is an ongoing group
    • you can join the group as there are openings
    • you can stay in the group until you feel your work is finished
  • requires a commitment to regular attendance
  • is a small group (maximum 12 members)
  • costs $175 for an individual session to discuss treatment goals; $50 per group session, billed montly
  • meets every Tuesday, 6:30-8:00 pm

It's easy to get started

  1. Take a look at the information on my website (including the "Articles" and "Forms" sections) to get a feel for how group therapy works and if it seems like a good fit for you.
  2. Contact me via phone or email to set up a time to talk for about 15-20 minutes to answer your questions and to see if this group may be a good fit for you.