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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

  • My website meets privacy standards for BC (i.e., the Personal Information Protection Act).
  • I have links to reputable sources from my website, but don’t take responsibility for their compliance with BC privacy standards.
  • I collect only the information about you as an individual that I need to respond to your request. I don’t respond to spam or unsolicited business requests. This information is communicated to me through your completion of the secure contact form which is sent to me via encrypted email.
  • If you communicate with me through the secure contact form I will keep this information private and secure for one year and then destroy it securely. If you become a client, this information will become part of your clinical record.
  • You can contact me below if you want to access or request any corrections to this information. You can contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner below if you have any questions or concerns about my compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • I use analytical software including cookies to summarize the activities of visitors to my website. I don’t collect or use information about any particular visitor; I’m interested in aggregate or summary data (e.g., 40% of visitors view the first three pages only). You can disable the cookie function from the device you are using if you don’t want this information collected.
  • If you become a client, we will talk about privacy and confidentiality in the informed consent process (e.g., how I maintain your confidentiality, how I share information with your consent, limits and exceptions to confidentiality in the provision of clinical services). Examples of the forms I use in this process can be found on my website under the Forms section.

For more information:

Dr. Colleen Wilkie

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC:
604-660-2421; 1-800-663-7867