Privacy Policy - Updated May 2012


I collect only the information about you as an individual that I need to provide the service you have requested. I do not sell or rent information to others. I use analytical software to summarize the activities of visitors to my website. I don’t collect or use information about any particular visitor; I’m interested in aggregate or summary data (e.g., 40% of visitors view the first three pages only).


I only need your email address. In distributing the newsletter, I keep subscriber email addresses private.


I use email in my clinical practice for administrative purposes (e.g., general information about my practice, to set up a time to talk further, to change an appointment). Please don’t send personal or clinical information to me via email - let’s talk about more secure methods to protect your privacy. If you share an email account or use web-based email, please be aware that I will identify myself in my email to you as Dr. Colleen Wilkie, Registered Psychologist.

Clinical Services

We will talk about confidentiality in the informed consent process (e.g., how I maintain your confidentiality, how I share information with your consent, limits or exceptions to confidentiality in the provision of clinical services, issues related to confidentiality in the use of email and/or your subscription to my newsletter) and I will ask you to sign an informed consent form as part of this process.